Our Story

Own the Day

Every goal comes with its challenges.
Ours — was to confront the standards of basic menswear and improve their designs for modern professionals.

Today, we continue to innovate and develop workleisure apparel that empowers you to make the most of every day as you work towards your success.

Hence, we’ve revitalised our brand with an all-new look to solidify our refined philosophy moving forward.

Designing clothes that work for you — literally.

By developing advanced clothing essentials for men, we aim to enable you to push your limits and challenge your potential with less resistance, interference, and distractions.

Enabling men to do more with less.

We aim to provide reliable support and effortless comfort that enables men to achieve more in their lifetime and reach their fullest potential.

More Than Essential.

Through innovative fabrics, high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and timeless style — our goal is to elevate the standards of men's basic apparel to improve every man's quality of life (no matter the lifestyle).

In other words: Exploring what menswear essentials can be, to develop what it should be.